Continued support for the healing of residential school survivors

I am a grandmother now, and started utilizing counseling services in my twenties, only because I began to suffer such severe panic attacks that I ended up in emergency a few times. My family doctor, at the time helped me to realize that these were not brain afflictions but a panic disorder, and encouraged me to seek counseling. Since then, every few years, I really need to seek counseling and therapies, because my struggles are on-going. The panic attacks are under control, as I have learned to continue to work on searching out my issues, and letting go. But the problems are deeper, in terms of daily life, deep set anxieties, fears of ordinary situations, even getting into cabs, and sitting next to men on the bus! I won't go on planes because that's where Father Lopsinger did much of his abusing.

I have become an activist for my people, but that doesn't mean I am whole.

And secondly, besides we, survivors, is our children.

We messed them up pretty good. Me, I over protected mine. Others, have neglected theres, like the baby monkey having no human contact, is fearful of everything, and reacts fearfully or angrily to touch.

others have hyper-control of their children, using anger, physical punishments.

We're a messed up people, due to an intentional, ingenious form of genocide, which is still in effect.

Kat Norris
Salish Nations
Kuper Island Residential School Survivor

Kat Norris, Vancouver, Canada
7 years ago
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