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Help Put An END To Child Labour!

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Child Labour is a huge issue in our world, and it must END. Many lives of kids are being wasted because they have to work everyday to earn money for their family. Children have the right to have a proper childhood, but many kids can't. They have to work in dangerous conditions for very little pay. There are many things people can do about it but they are not.

People should support this petition! There are many reasons why:

1. Some of these children could have talents or skills that could change the society, but since they are always working under heartless employers.

2.  Knowing that you helped someone in need, you will feel good about yourself.

As stated there are many things people can do about it, and donations is one of them. 

Donations- That money could be used to do many things. That money can be given to a family who have working children, so that they can start a business and earn money without having to send their children to work. That money could also be used to build schools so the children who escape child labour can go to school and have an education which will help them in their life.

Ending child labour will make a difference. Maybe not too much in your life, but in millions of other kids lives. They are struggling everyday working for ruthless employers. They also don't have an education, or time for themselves. 

Child Labour is a big issue. The children working isn't the reason that it is such a big problem. It is the fact that it is dangerous and it takes up the whole day. Since it is dangerous, it can seriously harm the children. Some can even DIE! Since it takes up the whole day they don't have the chance to have an education.

What we want Prime Minister Harper to do, is to convince leaders of developing countries to put a minimum working age so that this HUGE problem can come to an END!

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