Grant Laura's Doctor Special Access Approval for ANP (cancer drug)

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Grant Laura's Doctor Special Access Approval for ANP (cancer drug)

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Our world fell apart when our daughter Laura Nowosad, our beautiful 7-year-old child, was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor—a tumor which cannot be removed nor cured.  In October 2013, doctors gave us this devastating news and told us that our daughter only a few more months to live. Now, we are desperate to save our only child. The only hope is a new cancer-fighting drug which Health Canada is refusing to give her.  We need your help.


Antineoplaston (ANP) is a promising new treatment for this deadly type of brain cancer.  This type of tumour (DIPG, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) affects young children and very few survive more than a year once they are diagnosed.  There is no cure for this deadly disease, however, ANP has shown positive results in DIPG patients—these patients live years beyond what doctors expected and some return to a normal life—a life without seizures, blindness, immobility or the threat of imminent death.  Laura’s doctor believes this is the ONLY drug available to help save our daughter, yet, Health Canada repeatedly denies him from accessing this life-saving drug under the Special Access program.


The Special Access program is a government program put in place to provide access to unapproved products for patients with serious or life-threatening conditions when a treatment is not available. Our daughter clearly meets this definition. Laura’s doctor has made multiple appeals against the government because of his belief that this would be an effective treatment for our daughter.  Despite this, they continue to refuse her access to ANP.  The government is deciding my daughter’s fate without knowledge of her full medical history, knowledge of the disease and believes they are in a better position to determine her treatment than her treating physician. Much to our disgust, we became aware that the Special Access program approved heroin for dozens of drug addicts across Canada— this is the same government refusing to give a dying 7 year old girl access to a life saving drug. The same Manager of Special Access who signed the approval letters for heroin is signing the denial letters for the cancer fighting drug for Laura. This is completely outrageous and completely heartless. Shame on you, Health Canada.


The US and Australian governments are allowing the use of ANP in cancer patients in those countries under a similar Special Access/ compassionate use program. While these foreign governments their DIPG patients access to ANP and a chance to have a longer life, our Canadian government believes that ANP will “harm” our daughter. What they fail to see is that the most harmful thing that could happen to our daughter is to deny her access to this life saving drug and let the cancer take over her body and take her last breath.


We asked Ms. Rona Ambrose, the federal Minister of Health, for help with getting access to ANP for Laura, she has not responded to our call for help. Ms. Ambrose recently gave talk on February 4, 2014, “World Cancer Day”, where she encouraged Canadians living with cancer to seek the help they need. We have asked Ms. Ambrose for support for our Laura and, to date,  she has failed to even acknowledge any of our messages to her. We do not exist, or perhaps we are not the “Canadians living with cancer” she mentioned in her speech.


Ironically, in another speech on Oct 3, 2013, Ms. Ambrose told Canadians: 

Health Canada has a ‘Special Access Program’, which is designed to give Canadians with rare diseases or terminal illnesses access to medications that are not otherwise approved for use in Canada.

For example, a doctor who is treating a child with a rare form of cancer can apply to Health Canada for access to a potentially life-saving medicines which otherwise would not have been approved for medical treatment.

This is exactly what the Special Access Program is designed to do.”

Unfortunately, for our sick daughter, this is exactly what the Health Canada is NOT doing.


Laura’s life depends on getting ANP treatment. Please support this petition to tell Health Canada to approve this drug for Laura. This is the only hope we have of saving our daughter.


Our government should be protecting our children, not harming them by denying them life saving therapies. The Government of Canada needs to give Laura access to this drug because Laura, like all the other innocent children on this earth, deserves to live. 


Help keep our daughter in our lives for many, many more years to come. Please submit this online petition to Health Canada and please keep Laura in your prayers.


Janusz and Mira Nowosad







4. Burzynski, S.R. Recent clinical trials in diffuse intrinsic brainstem glioma. Cancer Therapy 2007; 5, 379-390.

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This petition had 12,872 supporters