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End your fixation with budget balancing for political purposes

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Please end your fixation with balancing the budget, please restore and maintain government services, and please use your fiscal powers to target full employment so that over one million Canadians are not without jobs.

This petition supports Economists Against Austerity who strongly urge the federal government to stop implementing fiscal austerity measures just to achieve a political goal of budgetary balance by 2015.

Their statement points out that today's stringent policies are similar to those of the 1930s when the economy was stagnant and unemployment high. It also notes that federal deficits were not problematic during the war period following when unemployment dramatically declined and the economy rebounded.

British politician Tony Benn once stated it very well:  "If you can have full employment by killing Germans, why can't we have it by building hospitals, schools, recruiting nurses and teachers?  If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people."

Today, there is no reason to sharply cut government spending. There is every reason to maintain services and to put people back to work.


Worried economists tell Flaherty to stop starving the economy:

Can Canada afford a government that disinvests in the public sector at a time when the private sector is not providing the growth or job creation the country needs?

The nation could certainly use some fresh thinking and the opposition parties could use some spine-stiffening advice.


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