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Stephen Feinberg, founder / head of Cerberus Capital: Stop selling semi-automatic weapons now + place conditions on FG sale

A Bushmaster rifle is reported to have been used to kill 20 innocent first-graders and 6 teachers in Newtown, CT. If Cerberus simply sells the Freedom Group to a new owner that continues current business practices, it will do nothing to help prevent another tragedy.

Cerberus must:

- Immediately stop the sales of semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity clips to civilians.

- Require any Freedom Group marketing or advertising to be approved by a special board to ensure that it is socially responsible.

- Not simply sell the Freedom Group to the highest bidder, but rather require that a new owner agree to specific conditions, such as to discontinue sales of semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines to civilians. If Cerberus fails to do so, investors should take all possible actions to divest themselves from their holdings in Cerberus and should not make any new investments in Cerberus.

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  • founder / head of Cerberus Capital
    Stephen Feinberg, Cerberus Capital

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