Stephen Farry: trigger a by-election in North Down due to your pro-abortion stance

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North Down MP, Stephen Farry has deceived his constituents on where he stands on the issue of abortion. He has ignored thousands of emails, letters and petitions form the electorate on this issue. Time and time again we have been told that people were not aware of his extreme pro abortion views when they voted for him. They want an opportunity to take back their vote! We demand that he come out of hiding, be clear on where he stand and then give people the opportunity to have their say by triggering a by-election in North Down.

In a democratic society people elect an MP based on who shares similar values to them. Candidates set out their values in a manifesto which is distributed to constituents in order to try and secure their votes. Given that Mr Farry has spent his time as an MP pushing for extreme abortion regulations it is not unreasonable to expect that it would receive significant coverage in the Alliance Party manifesto. However, there was not a single mention of abortion contained within the Alliance Party's carefully choreographed document that preceded the 2019 election.

Since 2018 Mr Farry has become a poster boy for pro abortion groups like Alliance for Choice and Amnesty International, cementing his place as one of Northern Ireland's, if not the UK's, most eminent pro abortion politicians. Indeed, he has been a key player in Westminster's imposition of an abortion regime that goes far beyond the 1967 abortion act in England and Wales.

Having been elected as an MP on an Anti-Brexit ticket last December Mr Farry has used his Westminster seat to  not only push for the full implementation of the extreme Westminster abortion regulations but to expand them further by pressing for dangerous DIY abortions to be made available in NI and calling for exclusions zones to be enforced around abortion clinics.

Despite widespread resistance across Northern Ireland to the undemocratic imposition of abortion, with 79% of the 21000 respondents to the government's consultation saying they wanted no change in the law, Mr Farry recently stated to a committee scrutinising the abortion regulations that he "was a member of the Assembly when the Act of Parliament was passed, and in no way, shape or form did I feel imposed on or overruled, or feel that my mandate had been unrecognised."

It is unsurprising then that the feedback on the streets of Bangor was that people feel ignored by their MP. Claire, who stopped to speak to our team in Bangor, said: "I have voted for Stephen in the past, and know lots of others who have too, because as a Catholic I felt that I had no other choice in this area. Since becoming an MP he hasn't answered a single email that I've sent to him about abortion. Not one. He won't be getting my vote ever again."

On Wednesday the 17th of June Mr Farry voted in favour of the Westminster regulations and once again chose to ignore a further 18000 people from Northern Ireland who called on MPs to reject the Westminster abortion regulations and allow the issue to be dealt with by the Northern Ireland Assembly. That evening he took to twitter to say that he was "Pleased that Parliament has now officially confirmed the CEDAW compliant abortion regulations for NI."