Rebuild SFA's Beef Center Barn

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This petition is to get SFA's attention to rebuild our Beef Center barn. Last November, SFA's barn was severely damaged by an unexpected fire, which resulted in the building having to be torn down due to the significant damage the fire left behind. Insurance would not cover the loss, so it is up to SFA to rebuild the barn. Currently, students and farm workers are having to work cattle under a carport, with portable panels, which is unsafe and can cause stress to the cattle. There is also not enough room under the carport for all students to participate in labs. We also have no pens to keep sick cattle in until they are well, and we have nowhere to store things like semen tanks and important paperwork. The agriculture professors are doing all they can do, but it is up to the students and the community to make this a priority to the President. If SFA can add on and update the basketball coliseum, then they should rebuild the beef barn and give everyone the opportunity to benefit from it and learn, like I did. We will not let our education come second.