Save our Coastlines. End Censorship of Critical Climate Science Warnings & Solutions NOW !

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NASA  Scientists and Data sets are the best the world has ever seen. However NASA public relations has a 30 year history of muzzling some important aspects of critical science due to strong lobbies and special interests. Funding has been pulled and veiled threats have reportedly been made to lead scientist who have issued warnings concerning CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. Even the oath taken by scientists has been altered to give them less leverage to speak out. Just this past year the term 'Climate Change' and the phrase 'reduce greenhouse gasses' have been banned. Reducing Greenhouse Gasses is a critical solution and yet it cannot be mentioned thanks to the current administration's Censorship of the Science that the taxpayers paid for. Outraged? You Should Be !!

Everyone should be made fully aware of the Science behind today's Climate Threats. We at work hard to broadcast the science that the scientists cannot.  The purpose of this Petition is to put pressure on NASA Public Relations to do the right thing at this very critical time  of tipping points to protect humanity and our planet. 

There are Solutions to Climate Change. We need Public Knowledge to Galvanize Public Concern.  Move to End Government Censorship on Critical Science Today !!

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