Fight For Lauren's Law

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Our daughter Lauren passed away 9th sept 2019 from an undiagnosed brain tumour. Lauren had seen numerous doctors for months each time explaining her symptoms which were rapid weight loss, headaches, neck pains and vomiting. Each time we were told its acid reflux and muscular pains in her neck. 

In July I Laurens mother requested her to be admitted to hospital for tests. Two days later she was diacharged and in August her tests on her tummy were clear. We were told her neck pains and headaches are stress related and then psychological. 

Lauren was brought to hospital via an ambulance on the 7th September 2019. As they were busy lauren was sent into A&E and had to sit there for hours in agony waiting to be seen instead of been treated as an emergency. Laurens father was called into a separate room and told laurens symptoms were all psychological. Once again no doctor believed her. He sent her home with 6 diclac tablets and he signed her discharge sheet saying no follow up necessary.  

The next day 8th sept lauren was brought to another hospital because we were dissatisfied from the answers the previous day. But lauren collapsed in her grandmother's garden before reaching the hospital. An ambulance came and rushed her to hospital. Lauren had 5 cardiac arrests. When they finally got her heart beat strong enough to get her up for a CT scan our world came crashing down. Laurens result was a brain tumour. It was too late there was nothing that could be done. 

Lauren was taken off her life support machine on 9th September 2019 aged 16 years old. We are trying to get support in helping us get a law brought in that if anyone is presented to a GP or hospital with symptoms that they can not find the reason for that it will be mandatory for that person to get a CT scan straight away. 

We are wanting to help save other families/people the pain we are going through all for the sake of one  scan that can save someone's life. 

We plead for your support. Please help make this happen. Thank you.