100th birthday letter: Colbert instead of Trump for my grandma

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In Russia, centenarians get a letter from Putin when they turn 100.  In the US, people also traditionally get a letter from the president (maybe still Putin?) — but my grandma really really doesn't want that, given the current man in the job.

She loves Colbert though. Like... a lot.  

Born (October 24, 1919) and raised in Queens, she has followed one pattern of Jewish migratory birds to southern California. One of the voices she heard every day was her younger sister's, who she called every day in New York until she passed away this year.  

Stephen, if you're listening — another person my grandmother listens to nearly every night — is you.

As Trump uglifies American values and holidays and the ways we interact with one another, you have resisted! Maybe it's just funny because it's true: a mazal tov from you would go 100,000 miles toward her next 100 years. 

As the 12th century rabbi Maimonides said: “You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes.”  Buuut seeing as truth isn’t really on offer from POTUS, will you give it a shot??


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