Save our Port Stephens - Great Lakes Marine Park

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The Port Stephens - Great Lakes Marine Park provides critical habitat protection and sanctuary zones for the critically endangered Grey Nurse Shark. State MP for Myall Lakes Stephen Bromhead recently campaigned against the formation of the Newcastle - Wollongong Marine Park.

He has now announced he will be bringing our Port Stephens - Great Lakes Marine Park up for review. In the light of his opposition to the formation of a new Marine Park with sanctuary zones and his personal views towards conservation, we feel it is important to build support for the park in it's current form.

Scaling back of these already small areas to allow fishing will have a marked impact on the aggregation and breeding of this vulnerable species.

Grey Nurse Sharks (in fact, sharks in general) play a pivotal role in the Ocean's ecosystems and ensure balance and longevity of fish populations.

Allowing recreational and commercial fishing in our well established and essential sanctuary zones will be catastrophic, not only for the GNS, but also for our future fish stocks and reefs. The abolishment of sanctuary zones will undo over a decade of forward thinking conservation and open the flood gates of overfishing.

It has only been in the last decade that we have seen the GNS population recover after being almost wiped out by at first deliberate fishing, and then "accidental" fishing. 

Aside from all of this, we as divers have observed the massive positive impact the marine park has had on the vibrancy and fish life/numbers in areas where you ARE allowed to fish due to spill over from these sanctuary zones.

Please help us protect our Oceans. #Forster4theOcean #saveoursharks

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