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Placement for Nicholas in the Kenton District

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This 2017-2018 school year is one many parents are excited for. This is unfortunately not the case Will and Katie Vasey face for their son Nicholas. Nicholas is special needs child who has an IEP for his education. He is a childhood cancer survivor who has fought every battle a child could at his young age of 10. Nicholas was illegally forced out of school in the 2016-2017 year, after spending his school year being ostracized by an unprofessional teacher, administration and peers. He was never expelled. His parents never agreeing to his removal, nor the change of his IEP in which they changed him to "home schooled" rather than equipping his district school with his services he qualifies for. They simply told his mother "he could not return". He was to start his 5th grade year at Hoover Elementary but was told his class assignment was not "appropriate" with no solution in place. The district is labeling him as an emotionally disturbed child which has been proven to be untrue. Nicholas has a team of professionals who stand strong with him in objecting that claim. His parents have spoken to many teachers, administrators and even an attorney claiming their hands are tied! He was seen in June by a psychiatrist who agreed his acting out was related to the unprofessionalism of his teacher and the serious disconnect she caused between Nicholas and his peers. He was unhappy, unwanted and was reminded of that often. He excelled this summer in his programs, has been receiving all the support his parents could afford him, and yet he is still being pushed aside by the Kenton school district! Their "solution" is for his parents to home school him, which is not financially applicable and should NOT be an option! We are hoping to bring awareness to the discrimination being set by the district in placing Nicholas. With hope we can receive enough signatures and support to show Kenton we ARE Nicholas strong and will not accept this. Please sign and share this petition. One chromosome does not, and WILL not define this child, nor his family. Every child has the right to an education, and Nicholas is no different!

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