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NET FREE ZONE - Burrum, Cherwell, Isis and Gregory Rivers 4660

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We are petitioning Mr Stephen Bennett MP member for Burnett, for the removal of professional fishing nets from the Burrum River System.

The reason for the petition is due to the persistent complaints of over netting of the aforementioned rivers over a period of several years. Residents on the Isis river in particular have reported the lack of Fish being caught. Also the increase in professional netters in the Isis river. I personally have seen an increase in Netting in the Burrum. Many families in the surrounding areas are also complaining about how difficult it is to catch the basic bread and butter fish species.

The local tackle store is also experiencing a significant downturn in fishing customers due to the lack of fish being caught.

There is a significant loss of custom from interstate recreational fisherman, local families and Sports fishermen who used to frequent some of the best Barramundi waters closest to Brisbane. 

Many of the Barramundi netted by professional fisherman are from local Dams and or Dams such as Lenthalls Dam. These fish are paid for by Recreational Fisherman.


Fish Stocks under pressure from over Netting. Species include but are not reserved to these species..Barra, King Salmon, Grunter, 

Crab Stocks also under pressure from too much Netting

Local recreational fishermen not able to catch fish

Families turning away due to lack of fish

Local businesses are losing income from Interstate, City and local recreational fisherman. This includes hotels, motels, cafe's, food shops, service stations, camping, fishing and many others. Just ask any local business how hard it is today compared to 5 or 6 years ago. We really need help. Check out the NT and Rockhampton to see what affects recreational fishing has on the local economy.

Recreational fishing provides local business dollars in an area where many businesses are struggling to keep their doors open. Rec fishing also keeps young people off the streets and away from other pursuits such as drugs etc. Rec fishing also provides families and young people with an education of their surrounding ecosystem and how to preserve it. 

Many of our residents moved here for a fishing lifestyle. With Net free zones opening in other areas the Burrum river system is feeling the strain. Our local Rivers need protecting from over fishing. Netting not only takes it's targeted species but kills or damages many bycatch species.

Please help us to bring back the good ol days of happy fisho's and happy businesses all working together for a better community. Making the Burrum river system a Net free zone will benefit the large majority of local businesses. It will also bring happy faces to parents and children alike and bring families closer together. If they can't catch fish here they will go somewhere else, many already have. Let's stop the trend please.

Don't think your signature is insignificant. Every single one counts no one else can pick up your vote. Please sign and support a positive change for our community. This system is fished by people from Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Toogoom, Mundubbera, Gayndah, Biggenden, Dallarnal, Isis, Bundaberg, Buxton, Woodgate, Walkers Point, Goodnight Scrub and anywhere in between and beyond. So if you fish these waters please sign the petition.


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