Public Health Risk - Hazardous Work in our School Environment

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Our school is currently under renovation.
It is demolishing an old building to make way for a new and larger building.
The builder is carrying out demolition work during school hours with no regard to the health and safety of our school community.
This has been clearly demonstrated all week as the earth moving equipment has been in operation all week whilst our children are both in class as well as outside having lunch. They have been forced to endure the continuous pollution of 21yr old concrete dust as the excavator breaks up the concrete foundations and slab.
Furthermore, they have been exposed to more than 30 minutes of continuous hazardous noise generated by the excavator using the rock breaker/ jack hammer tool whilst children waited in the designated collection area which was directly in front of this machine ( only 25-30 metres away ). This noise was deafening and on my phone app which measures dBa, it measured more than 130 dBa.
We are starting this petition to prove to our school that we are angry about the harm caused to our children over the past 5 days and to ensure this demolition/ construction work from now on to the completion of the building work is carried out only After/ Outside of school hours.
Please help our school community, help keep your children as safe as they should be when we send them to school by simply adding your name to show your support and make a real change in their lives before they are permanently injured by this noise and pollution