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One in three women in America will have an abortion. Yet, it’s rare that abortion gets addressed in film or on television. When it does, it’s often portrayed in a veiled manner or treated only as a tragic circumstance.

The film “Obvious Child” challenges all of that. Its heroine is a Brooklyn comic who gets pregnant after a one-night stand and decides to have an abortion. It’s a groundbreaking film that’s being recognized for its courage and humor in dealing with abortion head-on.

But NBC has refused to run ads for the film, including the one above, that say the word “abortion.” Despite the fact that abortion is a legal medical procedure that is both common and safe, NBC seems to want to censor the word “abortion.”  According to media reports, other networks “had no problem airing an ad that included the word ‘abortion’ in it.”  At a time when access to abortion is being restricted through deceptive and biased legislation, the film’s honest and forthright treatment of this legal and safe medical procedure deserves to be seen.

Sign the petition! Tell NBC that “abortion” is not a dirty word. NBC should not represent the latest front in the attack against safe and legal abortion by stigmatizing the word and banishing it from the airwaves. It is time for NBC to change its policy about using the word abortion.


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CEO NBCUniversal Stephen B. Burke (CEO NBCUniversal)
One in three women in America will have an abortion in her lifetime. The film “Obvious Child” addresses abortion head-on in a way that no film before has done. It breaks new ground, yet NBC has refused to run its ads. “Abortion” is not a dirty word. NBC needs to change its policy banning the word “abortion” from its airwaves.