Rollback Unfair Changes to our Pension!

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Fellow brothers and sisters of our misguided BCGEU, we've been wronged for the last time. We've agreed to far too many concessions as members of the BCGEU. We must collectively join together and make it known that making concessions year after year must come to an end. The recent changes of our pension is the last straw. The importance of pushing back has never been higher. 

I created this petition as an opportunity to come together as a collective voice to push back to the Pension Board and BCGEUs. The drastic pension changes were not made in good faith or proper consultation.

With strong staff support this petition will be sent to Stephanie Smith, President of the BCGEU. It's time that we hold the BCGEU accountable! 

If we reach 10,000 signatures, we will have more than enough support to pursue decertifying the union. This would allow us, the hard working employees of the BC Government, to choose another union that will better represent our interests.

The time to speak up is now! Negotiations for the next collective agreement are underway and we must show the BCGEU that we will not be pushed around. No more unfair concessions!