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Reforming Family Court by taking Capitalism out of the Equation. Make Justice Unbiased!

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Family Court of Nevada is allowing Capitalism to impact the judicial system in such a way that people are losing access to their children and sometimes going to jail simply because they cannot afford the extremely high cost of lawyers and child support.  Housewives escaping abusive men and landing in shelters cannot afford the process and lose everything just to save their own lives. People are having their Drivers Licenses revoked and/or are going to jail because they lose their jobs due to extraneous circumstances and can't pay the outrageous high fees. These people should be protected and safe from the ugliness and greed of opportunistic lawyers and judicial system who prolong the process unnecessarily trying to squeeze out every last dime from those already suffering. Here are some proposed benefits of the changes in law...

1. To help unify all of the people that are being treated unjustly by the Nevada family court, To identify them and get ratings on the family court judges.

2. To make sure that Judges are accountable to the law and not denying parents their constitutional rights to their children, That Parenting of ones children will be equal!

3. To Reform the Family Court Laws that are currently unjust, as out lined in the documentary named Divorce corp on Netflix. Below are the following law changes that we will help reform;

4. There was a recent Law passed October 2015, AB 263 which states that Joint is now the preference, and out lines the laws to give equal custody of the children to both parents.

5. We want that law amended to say that Joint Physical custody is now the law of the land  when entering into a divorce. Parents will automatically have equal rights to the couples minor children.

6. There will be specific laws that, can limit the time with your children but there will be a three strikes law, for domestic violence, and other issues where there will be understanding on emotional matters. The system will not limit your time with your children, nor should it ever.

7. TPO’s Must not be granted as a means to control and bolster a claim for Primary custody. Joint is Automatic and if a TPO must be put in place, it must have Merit and evidence must be seen.The severity must be weighed and both parents, will be able to see the children equally based on what is the best schedule for both parents, if one parent works more then he/she may give the other more time with out repercussion of losing Joint Physical custody.

8. TPO’s must Be not be used as a means to keep a parent from their children, there will be a public exchange of the children at a mutually agreed upon location, preferable with witnesses present.

 9. There should only be a very limited and specific reason that a parent would lose all custody or visitation of their children, 1. If a parent was severely physically abusive to the children. 2. If a parent has been convicted of committing sexual abuse to the child/ren.

10. The parent that has the children the lesser amount of time or has the higher income will have to pay a flat rate of $200 per kid.
Alimony will only be paid depending  if the marriage last longer than 5 years and the parent, has been the primary caregiver for the children for over 5 years with out working will receive Alimony for up to one year while that parent looks for work, not for the rest of their life. No alimony if The parents did not have children , or only limited to a year.

11. We would either want to take the court out of family law and divorce or create an unbiased over site committee to watch all the Family court judges and make sure they are unbiased and fair.

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