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Stephanie needs and deserves her children back in her arms!: Help us get her a new honest CFS caseworker so she can get her babies back!

Stephanie needs and deserves her children back in her arms! My long time friend Stephanie, unknowingly, after being prescribed percocets after the birth of her son in 2011, became addicted to them. Her kids were placed into the care of others while she completed the steps necessary to break the addiction. She has done everything asked of her, and has been clean for the past 6 months! She deserves an honest caseworker (recently the caseworker stated she failed a drug test) this is NOT possible. She has passed every test her doctors give her. Her counselors and doctors says she is ready to have the children back. But her caseworker has found a family to adopt them!!!! This cannot happen! Stephanie is a loving mother who would do anything and everything for her babies! She reached out for help, and I will not give up on her babies! Stephanie keeps a beautiful, safe home and never intended for something like this to happen. She has no idea if her kids are being treated kindly or if they are in a safe environment (free from abuse, rape, etc.) My child was murdered (shaken baby syndrome) and I will never get her back. Stephanie's kids are still here. Scared. Confused. They just want their mommy! They are young and we cannot let one vengeful woman decide their fate! Please help us today, to at least get her a new caseworker, one who is unbiased in this case.

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