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To Ban Plastic Shopping Bags In British Columbia

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When did we become a plastic society? Plastic is at our fingertips all day long. Plastic keyboards, plastic mouses, plastic water bottles and plastic utensils. Plastic bags are a substance that the earth can not digest; they take easily 1000 years to breakdown, and even then, they do not biodegrade. Rather, they breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces, making them easier for animals to eat. When we eat those animals, or the animals that eat them, we ourselves ingest the BPA, a chemical that distorts functions in the nervous and endocrine system, causing breast, brain, and prostate cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and infertility. Every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists. The amount of plastic we encounter daily does not end there. Over the last ten years we have produced more plastic than the last century. The world uses over 100 trillion plastic bags a year and if you joined them end to end, they would circle the globe 4,200 times. In just Canada, we use around 9 to 15 billion bags per year and 55 million per week. Only 1-3% of plastic bags are recycled worldwide.

We want to ban Plastic bags to help bring down the amount of pollution and deaths that happen every year due to plastic bags. We want to save the ocean and all of its inhabitants. By helping us, you are enabling British Columbia to help eliminate the plastic in the sea.

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