I Will Vote - June 26, 2018

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Only 14% of ALL registered voters in the Upcounty area of Montgomery County, MD showed up to vote in the last primary election. 86% of us stayed home and did NOT participate.

That tells our elected officials that we don't vote because life up here is fine and we have no needs or concerns. Candidates don't spend much time Upcounty because they know we don't vote so what's the point.

This June is an historic election, almost every seat in Maryland is up for grabs. If you don't like the current political climate, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to effect CHANGE!

Imagine the Upcounty going from a 14% turnout to a 30% turnout this June 26th for the primary election... that would leave the candidates and current elected officials stunned that "the sleeping giant" of the Upcounty finally woke up. It would mean that when we ask for things, we will be heard, we will be taken seriously. But only if we vote.

So please, join us... take the pledge and vote June 26th. Be counted as part of the Upcounty 30%!