Put an end to Cracker Day here in Florida

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I have started this petition to hopefully bring to the attention of the public what actually happens and the events I saw at the
Cracker Day event in Bunnell, at the fairgrounds, on March
I have recorded evidence of blatant animal abuse and
mistreatment. Most everything that I witnessed was cruel and
horrifying from
 the frightened, drooling, feces splattered, anxious
and huddling bulls and undernourished calves to the squealing
piglets who were violently removed from a very crowed cage in
the back of a pick up truck by their tails and hind legs. The
roosters were given
 the same hurtful
treatment. The rodeo bull
ride started by forcing the animal into a very small coral like area,
a rope, that was placed around their groin was very tightly
pulled, causing them to kick with a large person sitting on their
backs. Then
 the calves were roped roughly and forcefully
to the ground.
All that I have stated here and recorded in videos and
photos is no less than acts of sadistic cruelty that should not and
must not be allowed. We are supposed to be a civilized,
rational society. Those who violate the laws, cause pain and
suffering, must be stopped, punished and fined.
Please consider my letter and all that I have presented to
This event also takes place at other locations around Florida.
It takes away
 from the beauty and charm of our state,
making us look very crude and backward indeed!
Thank you for your concern in this most urgent matter