Stephani K. Backham please sign the release form(s) for the lease!

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Ladies, Gentlemen, and which ever gender you indentify as. I don’t ask for much help, but I’m going to need the power of you (The People)! My voice needs to be heard! Me and my previous significant other (Stephani) decided to go our separate ways 5 months ago. We came to an easy agreement of having her removed from the lease. I signed off on it. 5 months later I have moved to San Francisco, CA and tried transferring my lease. Came to find out her name was still on the lease. Stephani said she turned in the paperwork. I honestly believe her as well. Unfortunately without proper paperwork I cannot legally transfer my lease to a family with kids that need a home. Stephani was notified by the leasing agent that she just needs to sign the documents, so she can legally be off the lease giving me the abilities to transfer the lease. Unfortunately Stephani has not signed these documents leaving the family stranded. I have messaged her about the situation in a civil manner. I tried contacting her as she ignored my call. I desperately contacted her mother (who is a very sweet lady) to help with the situation. The leasing agent even made an attempt to persuading her. Nothing has budge. This is not to defamatize or accuse her what possibly might be abuse contract. I need “you” as the strong and beautiful individual being to help me spread the awareness, so STEPHANI PLEASE SIGN THE RELEASE FORM(S).