Reverse John Rau's Legislation to stop Destruction of Adelaide's most beautiful Buildings

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Adelaide is the world's 5th most liveable city, and much of it is due to our enviable built-up environment:  a healthy mix of beautiful heritage buildings, parklands as well as the modern.

This balance between our heritage and modernity was developed successfully for over a century by the community working together: local residents and local councils deciding collectively.

This was changed suddenly by former Minister John Rau who stripped residents and even councils from having a say in what is built with his new draconian legislation.  For major projects, now only a tick from bureaucrats in state government and their consultants - many of whom do not even live in Adelaide - is needed.

Many fine buildings and parks have already been destroyed, and now Calvary Hospital in North Adelaide wants to demolish a grand 1850 heritage-listed home and gardens at 306 Ward Street, and replace them with mostly just a car park.

This is a test case for 'Large Institutions' having free reign in the city or not.  If this is not stopped, there is nothing to hold back Calvary and other major institutions from spreading like a plague, gobbling up neighbouring homes and shops, and turning loved suburbs in to barren acres of high rises and desolate car parks.

This petition asks Minister Stephan Knoll, the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government, and Minister for Planning to IMMEDIATELY reverse the John Rau's legislation and allow us citizens and councils to again have a say in what is built in our communities.

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