Compensation for small businesses heavily impacted by T2T roadworks

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For the last three years, the area around the Torrens to Torrens project has had to deal with constant roadworks. Despite claims at the start of the project from the government, that they would be supporting the local economy with jobs boosts, it has instead caused a huge loss of business in the area. This has forced many people out of jobs and many local businesses have either moved from the area or have been forced to close down. The 500 jobs they have claimed to created with the project, were given to a significant portion of people from interstate or overseas.

Many of the shop owners have been forced to work extremely long hours by themselves to try to cover the losses of customers being forced out of the area by incredibly long, poorly planned lane closures. This is not only significantly stressful on the people running those businesses, but also represents a huge loss of opportunity for anyone looking for a job in the area.

Even in situations of entire road closures, no compensation has been given to businesses residing along closed sections of roads due to the project. Local businesses in areas such as Jetty Road, Glenelg and South Road, under the tram bridge, have all been provided with compensation for much shorter works in the last year, but nothing has been provided to businesses hit by far more damaging, longer lasting works.

We are petitioning Stephan Knoll, as the minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Peter Malinauskas, as the local MP for the majority of the effected area, and Steven Marshall, as the premier, to provide much needed compensation for the damage done to businesses and the local economy. Emails to all three of these ministers have been mostly ignored up until this point, so we are asking for your voice to let them know that the local businesses need help.

We appreciate every signature, if you would like to do more than just sign, please send an email to your local state minister expressing your concerns for the local shops in the area. Thank you for your time.