Immediate ban on land divisions and row developments in Adelaide suburbs.

Immediate ban on land divisions and row developments in Adelaide suburbs.

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I live in the Marion Council area where chronic urban infill is occurring (along with other Adelaide Suburbs). I ask Stephan Knoll MP, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Minister for Planning, to put an immediate ban on any row developments less than 9.6m and mandate dual width driveways for any lot division applications.

Over the past years, the over development of property lots by splitting them into 3 or more buildings (urban infill) has caused and will continue to cause multiple negative effects.

The Eco system, where there used to be over 50% rainfall to soil areas, there is now typically less than 20% free land space and all this rainwater ends up on the street.

Street drainage infrastructure can not keep up on heavy downpours, leaving roads flooded and unsafe to traverse.

Where soil once use to absorb and filter water into the subsystems, now does not get water at all, increasing soil movement and property damage. 

These row developments leave no access to the rear, nor allow space for any garden shed or other, so the garage under main roof is used for storage, rarely used for a vehicle.

Building setback has also been reduced, so only one vehicle can be on a single width driveway where a traditional building allowed for two vehicles to be stored on a driveway.

Buildings being approved that are not suitable or in line with the heritage of the area. Two storey buildings overshadowing neighbouring yards, shadowing resident’s homes and negating their investments in solar panels.

Little thought or planning into the integration with the existing street and infrastructure, taking into account stobie poles, neighbouring driveways and maximising the street parking available. Often with all three buildings being the same orientation, rather than mirroring one to allow at least ONE carpark in-front of the row dwelling.

Almost always with single driveway, 3 bedroom property with 2 or more vehicles results in at least one vehicle being parked on the road. Since the property is typically only 7m wide, 3.6m being the driveway, there is no parking in front.

The impact of resident’s permanently using available street parking has many impacts.

  • Blocks access to other residents, residents not being able to reverse out of driveway or see oncoming traffic.
  • Restrictions to council own vehicles, with limited access to rubbish trucks being able to access the streets or have restricted areas in which to even place the rubbish bins
  • No visitor parking or parking for service providers such as lawn mowing services, having to park some distance away and carry equipment some distance to be able to do their work
  • We have an Elderly population, promoting in home care. Where can carers, RDNS and other support services park to provide this support?,
  • If vehicles parked on road opposite each other, depending on road width, but in many council areas this leaves insufficient space to be able to actually drive down road,
  • Limited access prevents or reduces Fire truck or ambulance access. This could easily lead to an unnecessary loss of life or loss of home if not addressed.
  • Do you remember growing up? Kicking the footy or playing cricket in the street? Even crossing the street is now hazardous due to reduced visibility. No space or opportunity for kids to get active.
  • The loss of the ability to actually use a road for what it is intended, to drive down. Constant stop starting to give way to oncoming traffic, Increased road rage and accidents.

Property developers have little care or thought to existing residents, removing fencing without notice, whether dogs on property or not, bullying residents. The claimed 2nd carpark under main roof is only suitable for small vehicles, with not even a mid size vehicle being able to fit. As previously indicated, almost always used for storage instead.

Planning for the future, we expect to be seeing more and more electric vehicles. Where and how are these going to be charged when there is only street parking?

Government wants economic growth, one method comes from population growth, no doubt a plan for our government, but at what cost to the community? South Australia is a large state, with an area almost 3 times that of Germany. Instead of destroying what makes Adelaide one of the best cities in the world to live, (currently #10), surely population growth should be focused on regional areas and new industries.

Greed is winning over with councils getting increased rates revenue, and Government getting more taxes and stamp duty.

Please support this call to put an end to this over development and reduce the burden on residential areas. Let us keep what makes Adelaide the 10th best city on the world to live!

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