NO to Stellenbosch University vaccine mandate

NO to Stellenbosch University vaccine mandate

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jan Alleman

What you need to know about this petition:

1. This petition has been created in response to Stellenbosch University’s decision to implement a vaccine mandate on all students and staff at the start of the second quarter of the 2022 academic year; and thus making it clear that, to the SU, vaccination is more important than education, a human right.

2. This is not a petition against vaccines.

3. The aim of this petition is to protect the freedom of choice of all students at Stellenbosch University — whether they want to get vaccinated against Covid-19 should be their decision and theirs alone, not one made by the university they merely study at.

4. Students have the right to make decisions that affect their own bodies.

5. Additionally, by signing this petition, you are asking for protection of your human right to education. Stellenbosch commanding their students and staff to vaccinate in order to register for the 2022 academic year undermines this right.

“There is no such thing as freedom of choice unless there is freedom to refuse.” — David Hume

17 have signed. Let’s get to 25!