Stellarton Memorial Rink Closure - We Need More Time

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The Stellarton Memorial Rink is our valued and vibrant community centre in addition to being an important part of our heritage serving as a living memorial of the fallen soldiers of WWI and WWII.

Based on information shared by the Town during “The State of Affairs” public information session held on January 23rd 2019, we understand the Town is planning to finalize its decision by March 2019 as to whether or not to permanently close the Stellarton Memorial Rink. We are very concerned with the following:

(1) Insufficient time has been allowed for citizens to understand the issues and looming decision concerning the fate of the rink. Consequently, citizens have had insufficient time to express public support for the rink or contribute toward productive discussions to reach an alternate solution.

(2) Apparent lack of effort on the part of the Town to exhaust attempts to identify alternative means of addressing issues identified concerning the rink.

(3) Apparent lack of precision with respect to the (a) local market costs to address items identified in the SNC Lavalin aging building audit report, and (b) timing over which the identified items must be addressed (eg. over years 1 through 11 etc.)

We respectfully request that the Town extends its timeframe for deliberation on the rink’s potential closure to February 28th 2020 to allow time for interested and willing citizens to consider and bring forth a reasonable and affordable solution to the Town supporting the continued life and service of the Stellarton Memorial Rink. Further, it is our request that the rink building remain open for business during this period of extension to enable continued public enjoyment as well as operating income to offset normal costs of operations.