Prosecute Adnan Khalid!

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David Highton
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Hi Everyone,

I am writing this petition to stop Adnan Khalid (who uses the fake name Danish, Danny or Adam) - owner of RS Car Sales Ltd (previously Lea Bridge Motors) to stop selling vehicles as they are not of satisfactory quality to be bought.

The whole family - Adnan Khalid, his brother Khuram Khalid (uses the fake name Khan) and father Chaudhury Hussain have been selling faulty cars and putting lives at risk for well over the past 9 years under different businesses based around Rosebank Road and Russell Road in Walthamstow.

They have been closing previous businesses and opening up new businesses to avoid legal action - please see the list of their current and past businesses below:

  • RS Car Sales Ltd (currently trading under)
  • Lea Bridge Motors Ltd
  • BD Trade Sales Ltd
  • Blue Diamond Cars Ltd
  • Bluegate Cars Ltd
  • Stargate Cars Ltd
  • Blue Diamond Autos Ltd
  • Blue Diamond Motors Ltd
  • BN Motors Ltd

I recently bought a car from here for around £4,500 and as soon as I bought it the car had major engine, gear box and internal problems that made it literally impossible to drive. I am in process of fixing these issues which has cost me a lot of money. Adnan Khalid has refused to answer any of my calls/texts and emails.

This has caused me a lot stress and pain, I would have hoped that buying from a dealership - the car would be safe to drive.

I have discovered that it has been on a programme called "The Sheriffs Are Coming" - which I wish I had seen before I bought the car.

This is when they were known as "Bluegate Cars" - see the full episode of Dont Get Done, Get Dom - Second Hand Cars below

It goes to show that they con people and change their business name to try and get away with it. They have changed their name over 8 times in the past decade (as mentioned above).

I have also done my research and a lot of people have had similar issues to me with this dealership. For example -

Khuram Khalid (Adnan's brother - known as Khan) and father Chowdhury Khalid Husain had an altercation in the middle of a flight - see news article below:

Adnan has just recently (15/05/2019) been on BBC Watch Dog on Rogue traders -

Please can you share this so that no one else buys from this trader. I am very shocked that they are still allowed to trade. I would hope my petition would help to get Adnan Khalid and his family are prosecuted so no one else would suffer.

Please see links below to their business:

RS Car Sales Ltd in Walthamstow / Leyton, 85 Russell Road, London, E10 7ES

It has also been noted that the older brother Kamran Khalid has also been involved in dodgy car dealerships - please see article below: