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Allow non-surgical abortions to take place at the location of a woman’s choosing.

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This year marks 50 years since Abortion was legalised in most of the United Kingdom. Yet the law does not reflect the medical advances in abortion since then. Currently, all abortions must take place in clinics - even non surgical procedures. This procedure involves women taking two tablets: one oral and then usually 24-48 hours later a tablet inserted into the vagina. Both of these are done by the patient, and require no trained medical assistance.

After watching Abortion on Trial by the BBC, I was horrified to learn that some women who had chosen the non surgical procedure for abortion had to endure both the emotional and physical stress of this in a public place: a public bathroom, pain in a car, on public transport trying to get home. It is unacceptable that this occurs in 2017. 

I knew this non surgical option as ‘the early medical abortion’. It is similar to a miscarriage and can only usually take place up to 9 weeks. Anything later could have complications and would require a hospital/clinic stay. Having had two non surgical terminations myself, I was perhaps extremely fortunate that although I had to take the medication on site, I was able to return to be in the privacy of my own home to go through what is ultimately a traumatic experience no matter your beliefs. Not everyone is as fortunate as I was. I lived in a big city, where the clinic was no more than 15 minutes away from my house. For many across the country, they do not have this same choice. It is quite clear that this law needs to change as it is outdated.

No woman should have to go through that. There is no medical necessity for the pills to be taken on a medical property, only an outdated law created in 1967 which could not have foreseen the medical advances. Please sign this petition to give women choice everywhere. Legalise the ability to have a non surgical abortion in the place of a woman’s choosing. 

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