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Car for our handicapped daughter Erlynia

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We are a family of 4. Mother Benonia, big sister Marwela, father Boris and our little daughter Erlynia. Our 8 year old daughter Erlynia has been severely disabled for 6 years. This happened because of a wrong treatment in the children's hospital on the Bult in Hannover.

The doctor of a children's hospital on the Bult assumes no responsibility and refuses to pay compensation for pain, although the liability is proven by a report.
The city of Hannover, Department of Social Affairs does not want to support the purchase of a disabled equitable motor vehicle.

As a family, we are not in the financial position to purchase a disabled equitable car. That's what we can do now 3 years do not lead a common family life, no trips or vacations together spend. Spontaneous activities, as well as planned therapy or doctor visits are also not possible.

Please help and support us.
Her family Luther

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