Prohibit wearing of religious symbols in public institutions.

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This petition is not against religion in any way, it is about underlining what we have in common instead of what makes us different. Sweden is today a heterogeneous multicultural society that includes atheists, agnostics and believers of all kinds. Every single one of these people has a right to their own worldviews, and the state cannot support or forbid any of them. However, it is the state`s duty to organise public space where everyone would feel welcome, safe and equal with everybody else. It is impossible if we demonstrate and underline our differences before we can even say hello to each other. It is time that religion should become a private issue, not a public one. Every person should be guaranteed a right to choose their own beliefs and to practice any religion in their homes of in specially designated religious buildings or facilities. However, it should be prohibited to wear religious symbols in public institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals, governmental state services and governmental buildings. In such a united effort we can show that we are first of all people, human beings, law-abiding citizens, rather that adherents of different religions. To make this work as it should, such a law must be accompanying by a massive media campaign as well as lectures at schools and universities promoting religious tolerance and explaining that not showing religious preferences in public in no way makes them unwanted or illegal. Not displaying religious symbols in public places is just as natural and not wearing a perfume in public places, because somebody might be allergic. Religion is a personal choice, a part of a personality`s private life. Let`s promote religious tolerance by keeping it personal and private.