SteelSeries Engine should be available for Linux

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SteelSeries is a hardware company, much like Razer, Corsair, and Logitech.
I personally like their products. I use the Rival 100 gaming mouse and Arctis Pro gaming headset.

In order to customize the hardware - from RGB lights to the actual functionality - SteelSeries users must use the SteelSeries Engine, a program that is only available for Windows and macOS.

The fact that it's not available for Linux as well, disables the opportunity of discovering the wonderful Linux ecosystem for users who own SteelSeries hardware.
I personally want to switch from Windows 10 to Linux, as I'd like to explore the Linux ecosystem and use it on a daily basis, but a key factor that prevents me from doing so is that SteelSeries Engine is not available for Linux, and as a result - by switching to Linux, I won't be able to customize my hardware.

Luckily, there is a solution - SteelSeries Engine is based on Electron - a very popular software framework that makes it easy to develop programs using a single codebase and then releasing it to all 3 platforms - Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Discord, Slack and Visual Studio Code are just 3 examples for popular programs that are based on Electron and are available for the 3 platforms.

The SteelSeries Engine team should put time and effort into releasing the program for Linux as well!

If you agree with me, let's make it a reality!
Sign the petition and share it with other SteelSeries users to spread the word!

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do you know that if the petition will succeed, the SteelSeries Engine team will truly release the program for Linux?
A: A SteelSeries support representative told me that if I will make such a petition and a lot of users will sign it, it'll drive the SteelSeries Engine team towards working on a Linux release.

Q: The popular Linux program Wine can run Windows programs on Linux. Why not use it?
A: On its Wine page, SteelSeries Engine has a rating of "Bronze" - the worst stability rating via Wine.
Not only that, when you actually try to start SteelSeries Engine, the program simply crashes.

Q: You can still run SteelSeries Engine using a virtual machine running Windows, right?
A: I haven't tried it, actually, but I believe it will only allow simple functionality, such as setting RGB lights, and regarding mice - setting the CPI (i.e. speed).
More complex functionality, on the other hand, such as setting the CPI based on the active application, will not be available this way.

Thank you so much for participating!