NO to Steelhead LNG Pipeline

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Steelhead LNG is proposing a gas pipeline over unceded indigenous land and under the Salish Sea, to a new LNG shipping terminal on the BC coast. Tell Steelhead LNG that indigenous rights, community livelihoods, and our climate are not for sale! 

More about the proposed terminal: visit Barkley Sound Alliance and sign the declaration! 

More about LNG & the Steelhead Pipeline: 

1 - 'Natural' gas is, in this case, fracked gas

2 -Fracking poisons waterways and aquifers:

3 -Fracking releases methane, which is up to 30x worse than CO2 for creating the ‘greenhouse effect’ which is warming our climate:

4 - Fracking probably causes Earthquakes:

5 - Pipelines leak on a regular basis. In Canada in 2017 there were 41 per cent more pipeline incidents nationwide than in 2016 — 173 compared to 122 — according to Montreal-based Équiterre, which examined Canadian government incident and spill data since 2004.

6 - Steelhead's pipeline threatens endangered species and ecosystems. The proposed pipeline would carry gas through several river watersheds and cross thousands of streams, passing a potentially dangerous dormant volcano, finally crossing the Salish sea (under water), over Vancouver Island, to a tanker port near Bamfield on the west coast: