Petition to give Lewan a second chance

Petition to give Lewan a second chance

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m w started this petition to STEAMREP

This is about a 14 year old who scammed on Steam and is now 18 deserving of a second chance after repaying the people he wronged and appealing to be unbanned but was rejected.

This is his story: (You can find this on his steam page)


"no longer hiding behind any lies, this is me for what i was.

i scammed because i could, it began at 14 and it was an easy means of making money. i only was successful a couple of times but it certainly paid out. i had been scammed myself not too far away from where it all began. it wasn't getting scammed that made me want to scam people, it was all down to opportunity, leeching off people i'd played with online and made genuine friendships with, but there was only one thing on my mind and that was the opportunity to rob them blind at what i thought was at no detriment to me.

i felt awful when i did it, i felt anxious, i felt remorse for those i wronged, most of all i felt like my innocence was finally gone; however, i put all those emotions on hold in order to fulfill obsession. i continued, trying my luck on more and more potential victims.

i was trapped in a chain of bad choices, as scamming led to gambling, and gambling led to cheating, which was a form of 'release' for how cheated i felt to lose money gambling that i scammed for and paid for (yes, it's very ironic).

but eventually i broke the mould - i started to see the sky again. i started focusing on developing as a player and put a hold on my need for virtual items. i

in late summer of 2018, i built up the courage to get in touch with the people i wronged. some took it well and, understandably, some didn't. by november i paid back the money i made from scamming ($350) to those who were willing to listen. some quick to reply, some i had to wait for, one user i waited nearly 3 months for him to come back online so that i could give an exact replica of the item i scammed off him. it was about clearing my conscience, it was about closure, it was about doing the right thing, proving to myself, to the people around me, that my actions in the past will not define me.

i appealed to be unbanned on steamrep, i waited for a response, and waited, waited a bit longer, then waited some more, until i stopped waiting and got on with life, until 9 months had passed, when i came back to see my appeal rejected. i felt like crying when i saw this, call it pathetic, call it what you want, getting unbanned holds significance over me, it's a feeling of being welcomed back in to a community i harmed.

there is a lawful argument to this that works in my favor as society question at what age does a child know the difference between right and wrong, and everyone has different opinions on views about it. i'm not going to sugarcoat being a child as a barrier to my actions, i knew what i was doing was wrong but didn't grasp the long-term consequences it would have.

but what you may find surprising about this is, i'm happy i went through it, because i believe it made me, and will continue to make me a more rounded person for doing so. i've understood what it's like to be the criminal, the 'outsider', and it in itself is a good story and lesson that others can learn from.

you can think what you want about me as a person, if i should remain banned or have my ban lifted, the point is that life moves on, very quickly for that matter. i can hardly remember what happened back then because it feels so distant to me. i feel i i have served my time and just want to feel free and accepted by others and not solely judged on my prior mistakes."


I am not Lewan just a very close friend and I'm a very firm believer he should be atleast given a second chance to show the community he is better and has learnt a lot from his mistakes, like he said he was very young at the time. I too was scammed on a different video game and lost around $300 and Lewan was and is the only person I've ever met over 7 years being in trading that has ever paid back the people he wronged, well most of them anyway. I hope SteamRep see this and perhaps have a second thought and review his case further. It would mean a lot for me and especially Lewan if he were to be unbanned, he loves collecting and trading and that kid he was is certainly not the man he is now. I wasn't involved at all in the scamming at all but he is a very very close friend of mine and I was with him the whole way, I never agreed with it but I didn't hold it against him, I also believe there should be an appeal review. I am going to be incredibly biased but even the users that were scammed gave their word that he is better and regrets his actions.

I would contact a SteamRep admin but I feel I wouldn't be in my own right to speak on the matter so this I created this so other people can have a say and a vote on it.



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