Steam, stop appealing to SJWs

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Steam has made the decision to ban "weeb" games off their platform for being "too sexual." Now, that would be fine, except with every game that comes onto Steam's platform they have to manually approve it and they have said that such games are allowed, plus the people that make these games already censor them in order for them to be allowed onto the Steam store, even taking out parts of the story just for it to be allowed, and now they're getting told that if they don't censor it more, by removing ecchi, they will be banned off Steam.

But what is the group responsible for this? Surely Valve wouldn't just tell developers this and cause outrage. Well, the one group claiming responsibility for this is none other then the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, which is yet another organization that has been corrupted by political motives instead of actually trying to help.

They claim that such video games should be banned off Steam because they are promoting hypersexualized and pornographic content, and as stated above, Steam already requires makers of such games to remove any pornographic content. They claim that they are doing this to help children, as Steam has (according to their numbers) 35 million users who are minors, and protect such users from sexual content. But as we all know, this is just an excuse so they don't have to feel sorry about bad parenting, which, if any responsible parent was watching the games their children play, wouldn't be a problem. 

I've created this petition to try and persuade Valve that following such absurdities from places that don't actually try and help people isn't a good idea, especially when the games that these people are trying to censor even have a label saying "Shall no person under the age of 18 play this content." Maybe instead of trying to excuse bad parenting, Valve should try and warn parents about these games, but not in the way they are currently trying to do.

Also, when I use the term SJWs I mean every group that has extremist views, the alt-right, BLM, 3rd Wave Feminism, Extremist Christian Groups, etc.

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