We demand change to the arcachic procedures of Westminster and demand it modernise

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Have you been witness to the behaviour of our politicians this week? Have you been sickended by it? I have and I am now subjected to hearing that it requires only one MP to shout ‘object’ to a private member’s bill and much needed protection under the law for our wives and daughters, on a bill that even the government supported, is blocked?

How is this and, the equally insulting process of MPs filibustering laws away, in anyway democratic ? 

Westminster much change and it must start right now. It has to bring itself and the ideals it purports to represent into the 21st century.

This petition, and all who sign it, demands that Westminster makes immediate changes to the archaic procedures and rules that it currently serves and that it does this quickly to make the UK a real 21st century democracy.

Signing this means you are no longer willing to sit by and see our MPs insult the very self same democratic ideas this country was founded upon. 

We demand an end to self serving politicians, gurning speakers and a beginning to government by genuine democratic procedures.