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Justice for Ezra Decker - Ask for An Increased Sentence

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Ezra Decker was 6 years old when he died. His cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head. His father, Steven Decker, was found guilty of 2nd degree murder and felony child abuse by a jury of his peers. His sentence on the murder charge could be a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 40 years and on the felony child abuse, a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 10 years. The jury recommended that he serve 24 and a half years on the 2nd degree murder charge and the minimum 2 year sentence on the felony child abuse charge. Total recommended years by the jury is 26 and a half out of a possible 50 years. Steven Decker is 26 years old. This sentence would have him free before he is 50 years old. Ezra Decker will never 50 or 40 or 20 or 7. 

Here is a short list of SOME of the injuries that Ezra sustained as testified to by the Medical Examiner that performed the autopsy on his little body: Brain swelling over twice the size of a normal child's brain, a ruptured eardrum, a blackened eye to the extreme that his optic nerve was severed, spine trauma (the entire spine from top to bottom bruised to the bone), bulging discs in his back, deep tissue bruises to his buttocks, leg, hands, back, head, ear, and face, head trauma similar to being in a car accident going at a rate of 70 mph and being ejected from the vehicle....but Ezra wasn't in a car accident. Ezra didn't fall in the bathtub or even down a flight of stairs. Ezra was beaten to death at the hands of his own father. But Ezra didn't die right away. Ezra lived for 2 days until his mother had to pull the plug on his little broken body. In the midst of such a horrific tragedy, Mariah found the strength to donate Ezra's organs so that other children may live. Ezra was buried in a child size casket with a toboggan covering his head. His skull had been removed for surgery. His 6 year old body had endured a massive beating, surgery, donor organ removal and an autopsy. Ezra was 6 years old.

The school that Ezra attended had twice contacted social services to report their concerns for Ezra. Social Services had already visited the Decker home and found evidence that Ezra was beaten with a belt so hard that marks were left. They had placed Steven on some type of probation for 6 months and they left Ezra in his care because he agreed to not spank Ezra with a belt anymore. Let that sink in...Social Services LEFT EZRA IN HIS FATHER'S CARE WITH A PROMISE THAT HE WOULDN'T SPANK HIM WITH A BELT AGAIN. A few months later, Ezra would be dead. 

On November 16, 2017, Steven Decker will be officially sentenced by the Court. The Honorable Judge Charles Ricketts will be sentencing him. Although it very unusual for a judge to go against the recommendation of a jury, Judge Ricketts does have the power to increase or decrease his sentence. Judge Ricketts was a courteous, thoughtful, and fair overseer during the trial. He presided over this case with knowledge of the law and was very understanding of the high emotions this case brought out in our community. He never voiced his opinion over the jury's verdict or of their sentencing recommendations. 

This petition is to ask the Honorable Judge Charles Ricketts to reconsider the jury's recommendation to give Steven Decker barely over half the time he could have received for the murder of Ezra Decker. A letter to the judge, including all who sign this petition, will be written as the sentencing date approaches. Many of Ezra's maternal family and friends feel this sentence would be too light considering all the evidence and the horrific manner in which Ezra left this world. Please sign your name if you, too, feel Ezra deserves more justice than 26 and a half years!

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