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Statue removal ridiculous!

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The confederate statue in Ellwood Park has no meaning of racism. Its history people get used to it! Maybe read a few books and learn it? And then sit back and think just how stupided this debate really is. None of the African Americans alive today were ever slaves, nor were any Caucasions slave owners. But besides that fact these statues dont stand for racisim in any way. Read your history books. The removal of this statue or any other confederate monuments / flags so on and so forth, is just another way we are backing down to these over sensitive cry babys. Its time it stops, if this historical monument must come down then i perpose we should also see that N.E. 24th st. be known as strictly N.E. 24th st. aswell well as the park on Amarillo blvd west be renamed? Oh and dont let me for get the fact that our children are forced to learn black history for the entire month of February?? You dont see any of us whining about that nor have we ever! Its history "American History" So does anyone see the problem here? We are all people and all Americans. Not any one race sould be considered better or more privileged than the other. Point is no one portion of history should be erased nor should any! Now lets get some signatures and stop this ridiculous mess.  Statue stays!

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