StateStreet: Divest from ExxonMobil!

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For the past 40 years, Exxon has been actively keeping information from and misinforming the public on the reality of human-made climate change and the severity of the climate crisis. Exxon has spent millions to spread disinformation about climate change, and scientists who deny climate change are often found on Exxon’s payroll. 

Exxon has been abusing its power in order to deceive the public and cover up its own complicity in the climate crisis. By hiding evidence of an impending climate catastrophe, they have stolen decades that could have been used to reduce carbon emissions and avert disaster, and instead used them to increase their own profits and made the threat of climate disaster more severe and the ultimatum we as a species face more urgent.

Exxon is complicit in every death from a climate related disaster. Their inaction and their intentional deceit have led to countless avoidable tragedies, and will lead to countless more if we do not take their power and bring their legacy of destruction to a halt.

Exxon’s power is in their money. Taking away Exxon’s profit is the only way to take their power. By asking companies to divest from Exxon, we affirm that we believe in a livable future. Exxon has shown through their actions that their only concern is short term reward, and that they have no regard for long term economic stability, let alone the wellbeing of people around the world and future generations.

We are asking StateStreet, one of ExxonMobil's top investors, to divest, and to really put your clients first.There is no time left to waste. Ask yourself, what matters more- your money or our lives? We hope you make the right choice. Divest from the Destroyer!