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Assisted Dying - Debate in the States of Guernsey - Bailiwick residents ONLY sign.

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I truly believe that Assisted Dying needs to be available here in Guernsey. The rules surrounding people being able to access this must of course protect the vulnerable but also allow people to make decisions for themselves about the timetable of end of life, whilst still mentally able to.  Given a diagnosis of a terminal illness, that will rob a person of dignity and the ability to look after themselves, they should be able to sign a document stating their wishes about timescales etc - of course within a framework of protection against manipulation by others.

Our Chief Minister has already shown his enthusiastic support for this.

I am aware of the pitfalls of Inheritance, personal vendettas, religion etc but there is a very simple answer to all of the problems and that is a simple list of security measures:


1. 3 Dr's have diagnosed a terminal illness/or life dependancy on drugs/mechanical intervention. 2. The individual has recorded clearly their wish via an advocate to not be kept alive when quality of life has disappeared and a DNR is put in place.
3. Quality of life can be measured in several ways and may be based around loss of motor skills - ability to move around without assistance and bodily functions working without mechanical assistance and or intravenous intervention.
5. There would be a list of certain illnesses that would comply with the rules - examples being - Motor Neurone, MS, Parkinson's, and other terminal conditions.

This clearly would need much work but I feel that we MUST have the discussion to make circumstances like the recent Noel Conway case become a thing of the past.

We are, I feel guilty of feeding the drug companies greed by the 'need' to live longer - I, and many I know, do not want to live longer - it has so many repercussions on our communities - less in the pot for hard fought pensions as people live longer.
That knocks on to people having to work longer because of the financial drain on services and more.

Things must change - and it is in our gift as a community to convince the powers to be that things need to change.

If you agree please sign the petition

This is about personal choice.


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