Peoria Man Sentenced to 200 yrs wants a new trial

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Peoria Man Sentenced to 200 Years wants a New Trial


James Johnson currently serving at IDOC , 22 yrs old at the time of incident in the early morning hours of June 13th 2012 at 233 Elm St East Peoria,IL was wrongfully convicted back in 2013 of first degree murder of Justin Siebenthal , attempted murder of Andrew Leathers , home invasion, attempted armed robbery and aggravated battery.


James Johnson now soon to be 30 years of Age is still claiming and holding up his innocence since day 1 and wants a new trial on murder charges against him due to codefendants confession(s) , states knowingly use of perjured testimony to obtain criminal conviction ,and newly discovered evidence of Actual Innocence.

At the trial of James Johnson prosecutors knowingly presented false testimony and evidence to obtain conviction from Johnson’s co-defendant the states key witness “Carlton Neely “ who admits TODAY that he is responsible for the murder of Justin S.

In 2012 on DVD interview recordings of Carlton Neely with East Peoria,IL detectives Mr.Carlton admits to not only once but twice in two initial statements that he is responsible for the murder of Justin S, but at Johnson’s trial in 2013 the prosecutors ONLY presented the 3rd statement which is coerced to obtain mr.johnsons conviction . The judge nor the jury at Johnson’s trial heard the confessions from the co defendant Carlton Neely.

The Prosecution knew Mr. Carlton Neely confessed to being responsible for the murder of Justin Siebenthal but decided to give Mr.Neely a deal in order to say untruthful things about  Mr. Johnson having anything to do with the murder. Mr.Carlton Neely pleaded guilty to first degree murder of Justin Siebenthal in December of 2012 and got 40 years in exchange for his testimony against codefendant Mr.Johnson. HAD Mr. Neely not made the deal with the states Attorney Mr.Neely would have got a much harsh sentence. Mr.Carlton Neely not only admitted to East Peoria detectives on recorded dvd integrations but is also now coming forward and admitting again to being responsible for Justin S murder and and also wounding Andrew Leathers in his back while attempting to Flee. It’s all proven by forensic expert testimony who did ballistic testing, and doctors testimony that Justin Siebenthal and Andrew Leathers were shot by the same gun. Only one person committed the crime .

The Mother of Justin Siebenthal ( Mrs.Mikki Siebenthal ) gave a single statement on DVD recordings with East Peoria detectives describing and witnessing Mr. Neely shooting her son . One year later at the trial of James Johnson , Mrs.Siebenthal testified that Mr.Johnson and Mr.Neely we’re both shooting Justin Siebenthal which resulted in James Johnson being convicted for first degree murder , Now today , Mrs. Mikki Sienbenthal provides an affadavit  admitting that she doesn’t know who shot and killed her son. The judge nor the jury at James Johnson’s trial heard any of this information and if the courts heard this testimony and evidence and took it in to consideration it’s a good possibility that it would have affected the outcome of James Johnson’s Trial.

Wrong is wrong and right is right ! Do you agree?

IF Mr.Johnson committed the charges upon him he deserves 200 years ! But , however, if he did NOT commit the charges brought upon him he shall be FREE ! Do you agree?

If not anything else mr.Johnson should at least be given the chance at a new trial to prove to the world that he’s actually innocent of the homicide that took place on June 13th 2012 in East Peoria,Illinois.

If you want and are asking for the courts for a new trial in the James Johnson case in a righteous justice system , in support of this petition please stand with us as a whole community and sign your first and last name fighting for justice of James Johnson .


God Bless you all and thank you all !