Stop Colorado Flavored-Vape Ban

Stop Colorado Flavored-Vape Ban

September 23, 2021
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Started by Daniel Maldonado

Dear Colorado Vaping Store Owners, Employees, and Customers,

Soon the Colorado General Assembly will meet to debate a statewide flavor ban which will destroy responsible small vaping businesses and reduce adult customer’s choices to quit smoking more harmful cigarettes.  We need your help to prevent this catastrophe. 

We need vaping store owners, employees, and customers to both call and email the Colorado State Representatives and State Senators listed below.  Please do this as soon as possible.

In late January or early February, we will need you to show up in person to the Colorado State Capitol in Denver to express your concern about the flavor ban.  We need to pack the house with supporters! Power in numbers!  We will provide the exact date soon. 

When contacting State Representatives and State Senators, please use the talking points below.  Make your comments personal.  Do not use a script.  

Share this petition with your employees, coworkers, friends, and family and ask them to reach out to the General Assembly members below.

-General talking points to use when contacting State Representatives and State Senators:

First, discuss how you use flavored vaping as an adult to quit smoking more harmful cigarettes.  Tell them how long you smoked cigarettes and how flavored vaping products helped you forget the disgusting smell of cigarette smoke.

Next, mention how the small mom and pop vaping store you purchase flavored vaping products from will go out of business if there is a flavored ban.  That is what happened to store owners you know in Boulder and Glenwood Springs, and New York State. 

Mention if your store owner or manager is a person from a community of color. 

Mention that you think Colorado should only allow sales of flavored vaping products in "Age Restricted Stores" like marijuana shops.  Menntion that you support an "Age Restricted Amendment" to House Bill (HB) 1064, which is the statewide flavor ban legislation. 

These highly regulated stores use strict ID scanner checks; are licensed and inspected, and that you support the stiffest fines in the nations to stores who sell to minors, raising the age to 21 for sales, marketing restrictions, and track and trace packaging requirements to prevent youth use. 

Contact Information for Colorado State Representatives and State Senators:

Colorado State Representative

David Ortiz 


Colorado State Representative

Brianna Titone


Colorado State Representative

Kyle Mullica


Colorado State Representative

Jennifer Bacon


Colorado State Representative

Susan Lontine


Colorado State Representative

Mark Baisley


Colorado State Representative

Chris Kennedy


Colorado State Representative

Karen McCormick


Colorado State Representative

Patrick Neville


Colorado State Representative

Emily Sirota


Colorado State Representative

Matt Soper


Colorado State Representative

Dave Williams


Colorado State Senate

Kevin Priola


Colorado State Senate

Rhonda Fields


All Representatives | Colorado General Assembly

We will post the meeting date once it is announced.

Contact Joe Miklosi, a consultant to the small business vaping store community, with any questions at 303-919-4748 or

Thank you and Onward!

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Signatures: 4,269Next Goal: 5,000
Support now

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