Uber and Rideshare to be reinstated for the Adelaide Hills and Mount Barker.

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Today the State Government enforced a ban on the operation of Uber and Rideshare in The Adelaide Hills and Mount Barker

This will have a devastating impact on the already struggling economy and puts at risk 100s of jobs in the area.

People visiting Adelaide will have no viable way of visiting Hahndorf or the many other wineries and attractions around the hills.

This will rip millions of dollars from the struggling local economy, cost jobs and make it near impossible for The young and school leavers to find work in the local area.

The argument put forward by MP STEPHAN KNOLL that nothing has changed is void as Uber and other rideshares have been operating since 2016 in South Australia with the full knowledge of the government and Ministers. To say otherwise would raise questions of the individual concerned.

The government needs to be reminded that this type of behaviour without  engagement of the community will not be tolerated. 

They can not say they are for jobs and act oppositely. To do so will lead to many members of the new government becoming one-term wonders and the liberal party suffering an embarrassing election defeat after just one term at the coming election.

sign and share this petition to show the people of the hills and Mount Barker will not tolerate being treated as second class and demand the lifting of this ban. 

People no longer have a viable option to get too and from local Christmas and New Years party’s and the pubs will need to cut shifts destroying Christmas for those casual staff who banked on working To buy gifts for their kids and loved ones.

sign and share and together we can make a stand and reverse this irresponsible behaviour.