Stop Hannah Huckabay/Yiannos(Hanna Hucabee)from scamming and ripping off innocent families

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I paid Hannah Huckabay, Hanna Hucabee, Hannah Yiannos(she has multiple names) $2500 in May 2017 for use of her stud. My girls first heat came around and after having me purchase 2 collection boxes she made up an excuse about her kids that she wouldn't have time to collect and ship the semen of her stud so I requested to please return my money and she refuses so I have to agree to wait 6 months for my girls next heat and then I keep her updated with progesterone testing and let her know on 4/4/18 to ship semen on 4/6/18 for delivery to my vet on 4/7/18. So I pay for 2 collection boxes and set Fedex pick up but Hanna calls me the night of 4/6/18 and tells me FedEx left a note on the box stating it was packaged incorrectly and that they refused to take it so she convinces me it will be fine to ship semen on 4/7/18 to be delivered to my vet on 4/9/18 with a Sunday in between so of course when it arrived at my vet on Monday 4/9/18 the semen was dead so I once again requested for her to please return my $2500 and she said absolutely not, we don't refund stud fees, but that is not stated in her contract at all and if that was the case it has to be defined and agreed upon in the contract. I have 2 witnesses of phone call when Hanna stated why FedEx didn't pick it up the box, reciepts of all collection boxes, FedEx receipts and bank deposits of where I direct deposited $2500 into her bank account. Since telling my story I have had so many others tell me about Hanna selling them very sick dogs with hereditary issues that she knew she was passing down to puppies, lots of people who received a puppy and Hanna would never send the registration on the pup or even lies about the lineage of pups, many others that she just completely stole money from stating she was returning their money and it was in the mail only for years later it has never shown up. She has even been taken to court and proven to be wrong in her actions only to file bankruptcy to ensure these people never receive what they are owed. Hanna has to be stopped from hurting any more innocent dogs and robbing and scamming anymore unsuspecting families. Please help by signing this petition.