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Harsher penalties for Animal abusers

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Daily we read of some horrific crime perpetrated against animals. Dogs and horses have been dragged to their deaths by vehicles. Dogs have fallen out of truck beds while still chained or tied to the truck. Cats are mutilated. Bestiality, which causes injury and physical and psychological trauma to the animal continues. Reports of animals being severely beat by angry people headline the news. Apathetic attitudes where people just abandon their dog on the street is on the increase. The stories are cruel and heartbreaking and never ending. More than once, the abuser was arrested but because of inadequate laws or inadequate penalties, received no more than a few months of prison time and/or a light fine while the victims who survived the abuse live with pain or fear. Some are struggling to stay alive. Even after the abuse they have been through, time and time again the rescuers comment on how sweet that dog or cat has remained. They have been abandoned, betrayed, beat, starved or tied up and dragged by those they trusted; their guardians and yet they forgive. Being the guardian of an animal is a privilege, and with that privilege is the responsibility to protect them from harm of any kind. If someone violates the sac red trust of guardianship, then they should lose their right to be allowed that privilege again.
We are asking for the voice of our representatives to join ours in drafting a bill for harsher penalties in regards to crimes against animals. No reason is good enough for such abuse.
Several states already regard animal cruelty to be a felony, and we are grateful for this, but still the sentences are way below what they should be.
We ask for the penalties given to animal abusers begin with a minimum and mandatory sentence of six years and then to include more time at the judge’s discretion.
We ask that once an abuser is convicted of animal cruelty they are not allowed to have a pet for the rest of their lives and must register on a registry for animal abusers.. It is well documented that animal abusers are more likely to abuse or kill people.
We are asking that any crime against companion animals be classified as a felony.
In the laws against animal cruelty we ask to be included bestiality, tethering of any kind in a truck bed or any part of a vehicle, tied up outside for more than an hour a day. Guardians cannot crop a dog’s ears. Dogs and cats must not be left outside or in a garage or dog house or any other unheated area when it is below 50 degrees. Dogs and cats must not be left out in the rain or snow or be made to live in conditions that are muddy or cluttered. Animals must not be left in an enclosure where they cannot stretch, walk around or get fresh air for an extended period of time or be without any human contact for extended periods of time. Dog collars must not be too tight; they should be two fingers in width between the dog's neck and the collar to ensure it does not cause neck lacerations on the dog.  Animals cannot be used in rituals where animals are abused or sacrificed. Dogs and cats must not be hindered from moving around in what is natural and healthy to the animal, and must not be forced into a painful and dangerous situation.
We ask that a guardian of animal immediately lose all rights to any dog or cat found to be starving or dehydrated on their property. To have to get the guardian’s permission to relinquish the animal only prolongs getting help for the victim.
Cruelty is defined as an animal put or forced into a situation that causes harm or is not natural to that species of animal.

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