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Change the Bullying Laws to Reflect Accountability

I am starting this petiion because I have been a victim of High School Bullying and know how it can effect your life and the life of others. There are laws that tell us what bullying is and what the consequences CAN be.   The law requires that school districts have a bullying policy set in place.  I live in Missouri and the law requires the following:  Missouri State Statutes Section 160-775 Antibullying

Often we find that parents and administrators ONLY follow the policy until the end when it requires a consequence.  There should be a law that requires a fine/ticket of $100 (or more) from the first sign of bullying.  If the fine is not paid within 30 days the "bully" would be subject to an arrest.   Social Media sites, as well as celluar phone providors should be required by law to trace IP address/phone numbers for reported cyber bullying/stalking/harrasment within a timely manner.  Once it is found who the "bully" is they will be fined by the state in which the crime happened regardless of the "excuse".  By doing this it will make the "bully" think before posting.

Here is a sample process:

1.  When bullying is reported it will be investigated through a check and balance form in a timely manner.  Once the bullying is confirmed the bully and victims parents will be contacted. 

2.  The bully will be fined, and must attend additional Anti-Bullying education. The bully, as well as the victim will be offer up to three free counseling sessions from a mental health professional.  

The funding to offer these services will come from campaigns and charity benefits.   The money from fines can also be used for this purpose as well as to provide anti-bullying education and seminars from state to state.

By having harsher laws that provide an immediate action when bullying is reported it will lead to lower bully rates, suicide rates, and will increase daily attendance rates at school/work.

This is just a few ideas that are being being placed in my proposal.  

In order for the laws to change we need to support a change!  Please sign this petition and email your "bullying" stories and additional ideas for this proposal to

Thank you for your support!


Kate Dawson


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