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Release the Lawmakers names and ALEC scholarship amounts received

Arizona lawmakers have been attending ALEC events and receiving ALEC scholarships to pay for those trips and conferences which cannot be attended by the general public. Arizonans deserve to know if their lawmaker has attended such events and received ALEC scholarships as full disclosure into who is influencing their elected representative.

Ms. Lesko, you sent out an email to lawmakers advising them of the freebies they would get if the signed up for such ALEC sponsored events and trips, utilized state taxpayer dollars to do so and asked that lawmakers save and send their receipts to state employee - your legislative assistant. That act makes these records public.

Ms. Lesko, you have violated Arizona public records law by ignoring such requests for disclosure of this public information and must now release the names, dates and amounts each lawmaker received for attending such ALEC events.

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  • State Representative
    Rep Debbie Lesko, AZ ALEC State Chair

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