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We support you. Do not step down.

State Representative Greg Harris has been an instrumental advocate for the LGBTQ community for many years. His work in the Illinois state legislature has brought countless victories for our community, including: Civil Unions, HIV/AIDS Funding, non-discrimination acts, LGBTQ inclusive legislation and the sponsorship of the Freedom to Marry bill, to name a few.

He has been a tireless advocate for our community as well as the people of Illinois. He deserves our steadfast and unwavering support. While Marriage Equality may not have been called for a vote in the last legislative session, there is no person better to carry this bill forward across the finish line and onto victory than State Representative Harris.

Please support Representative Greg Harris by signing this petition to let him know that he should NOT step down as an Illinois legislator and that our community has his back.

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  • State Representative Greg Harris

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