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HB 1213: ATU Students don't want it amended

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Due to Sex on the Lawn, State Representative Mary Bentley has issued an amendment that states "Arkansas Tech University shall not budget, allocate, commit for expenditure or expend any funding for the Arkansas Tech Department of Diversity and Inclusion or its successor."

1) Sex on the Lawn was completely funded by Arkansas Tech University's Spectrum, thanks to their dues and such. The ATU Department of Diversity and Inclusion had no funding as far as I or any other member is aware.

2) This bill was drafted due to their being "sex toys". Rather than Mrs. Bentley asking questions, she immediately jumped the gun and decided that because of this, she would remove funding from the Department. Had she asked questions, she would have known that Sex on the Lawn is to teach college students about sex. The "sex toys" were located at a booth informing the everyday citizen how they help people with disabilities overcome their obstacles to enjoy pleasure, such as being able to sit up.

3) By removing the Department of Diversity and Inclusion, it would mean that our College, Arkansas Tech University, would possibly lose accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. That means a giant portion of degree holders will have worthless degrees that we paid thousands for and are probably still paying on. And let's not forget the students currently in college paying off their debts. It also would mean that the State Representatives, Trevor Drown and Marcus Richmond, degrees would be worthless as well. Although it wouldn't be instantaneous, it would still impact those of us currently in college down the line. We'd end up on probation and after paying all this money, graduating, etc. four years down the line, we could come to find out that our degrees mean nothing. 

We ask that you do not go through with your plans to have the amendment added and next time ask us about why we are doing, rather than taking offense to it. As adults of our community, we are trying to better educate others on information that they would lack.

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