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We are asking that GA Representative Keisha Waites not go forward with her proposal to submit legislation placing restrictions on or banning bully breeds in the State of Georgia.

This is important because banning certain breeds of dogs does nothing for the community. Just like drugs and weapons and other things that have been banned, it just makes it more appealing for criminals to have them, and the problem just continues and builds up other crimes.


It has been proven that every breed of dog has the same potential of aggressiveness based on its training, raising, and lifelong management.


Georgia Representative Keisha Waites is proposing to submit legislation in Georgia that would either ban or place heavy restrictions on bully breeds across the state, and all of this is based on erroneous "statistics" and rare cases where a child has died or been injured as a result of being attacked by a dog.


The biased media and uneducated propagandist would lead you to believe these breeds of dogs are nothing but vicious attack animals, but we, as educated dog owners and advocates, know otherwise. These dogs have excelled in many areas ranging from service dogs to therapy dogs. They also consistently rank high in behavioral tests.


It is important to not single out certain dogs for behaviors, but the people responsible for properly handling their dogs and allowing certain situations to happen.


Please stand with us in our plea to Representative Keisha Waites to not move forward with legislation banning or restricting bully breeds in Georgia.


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